Make your solidarity real: help to build the mosque

We are encouraging people to donate directly to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center Construction Fund. Join the growing list of supporters...

  • Use the online form
  • Send a check* , or send your credit card information in the mail.
    Print out the donation form and mail your contribution to:
    Support the Mosque
    165 Winthrop Road, Apt. B
    Brookline MA 02445-4642

    *Please make checks payable to "ISBCC Construction Fund"

    *If you want to earmark your donation for the interfaith center that is planned as part of the mosque, make your check payable to "ISBCC" and write "Interfaith Center" on the memo line.

    #A goal of this effort is to demonstrate broad support for the mosque. However, if you would like to remain anonymous we can omit your name from lists of supporters printed on this site and other materials. If you want to remain anonymous, please be sure to check the appropriate box on the donation form.