Allegations and responses

  • Shortly after construction on the new mosque began, the Boston Herald and Fox News 25 issued several reports claiming that the ISB counted among its membership and leadership extremist individuals who have supported terrorism and issued anti-Semitic statements, and implying that the ISB itself might prove to be a radical mosque that supports terrorism.
  • Though given scarce opportunity to refute these accusations, the ISB has attempted to clarify its history, positions, and apparent connections to the identified individuals and organizations. A series of fact sheets that respond directly to several of the Boston Herald articles is availabe on the ISB website.
  • Further information on the charges and counter-charges is availble on various websites; please examine the issues for yourself.
  • It may be useful to read the ISB's "Values Statement" as an indication of its positions as an institution.
  • The broader context for the campaign against the mosque is also critical; surveys over the past few years have indicated a growing level of anti-Muslim prejudice.