It's time to speak out...

Solidarity Day at the new mosque, June 27, 2007. Some of the organizers of with friends from the ISB.

“We gather as members of the Boston Jewish community from across the religious and political spectrum because our shared tradition teaches us that it is our obligation to stand side-by-side with those who are marginalized and oppressed. Today, that means standing with the Islamic Society of Boston...”

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In the news

Stories in the Christian Science Monitor and the Boston Globe about the Solidarity Day event at the new mosque provide further information and mention the JewsSupportTheMosque campaign.

The issue

The Islamic Society of Boston is struggling to build a new mosque and cultural center in Roxbury, MA. The group's effort has been met with fear-mongering attacks in the media and highly questionable legal challenges in court. It is time for other communities to speak out against these attacks and stand in solidarity with the ISB.

You can also view more background documents related to the issue.


An agreement announced on May 29, 2007 means that almost all of the lawsuits connected to this case have been dropped. Take a look at accounts from the Boston Globe and the ISB. Perhaps most interesting and encouraging is this story on reaction from Jewish and Muslim leaders. The David Project has posted a different (and not at all conciliatory) take on their website,

“Our history is the most emphatic testimony that injustice to some men spells the doom of all men. Prejudice is like a hydra, a monster which has many heads, an evil which requires many efforts to overcome. One head sends forth poison against the people of a different race, another against people of a different religion or culture. Thus the evil of prejudice is indivisible.”

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, “The Plight of Russian Jews” (1964)